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AVST lists MC Consulting as their GroupWise Recommended Consultant

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GW4X Litigation Support, Part II

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GroupWise Purge Process is Killing My POA!

Had a customer call today about a GroupWise POA that was purging items like crazy. He decided to delete 60 users from his GroupWise System in the middle of the day. So much purging was going on that his users couldn’t send emails. The POA was virtually unresponsive. We modified two settings in his HTTP POA Screen.

Mass Purge Items Threshold
Displays the maximum number of items that the POA purges from a mailbox with an active client/server thread. If more than the specified number of items need to be purged (either because the user has manually emptied them or because daily archive processing has purged them), the purge operation is passed to a background client/server thread for completion. The default number of items to purge immediately is less than 10. Valid values range from 2 to 20.
Click Mass Purge Items Threshold to change the maximum number of items.

Mass Purge Concurrent Threads Limit
Displays the maximum number of background threads that the POA can start for purging batches of items that exceed the Mass Purge Items Threshold setting. The default number of background threads for purging items is 3. Valid values range from 1 to 8.
Click Mass Purge Concurrent Threads Limit to change the maximum number of background threads.

We lowered the Mass Purge Items Threshold to 5 and increased the Mass Purge Concurrent Threads Limit to 5. This allowed the POA to be more responsive to his users.

Note, this setting is ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE POA HTTP AGENT INTERFACE! You can’t modify the settings in the startup or in ConsoleOne. This means that the next time the POA gets restarted, those thresholds will not be set the same way. Keep that in mind if you have to use it.

GroupWise Resource Archive – October 2011

Stay current with the latest discussion between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants. Free and complete with high speed text search, topics range include GroupWise technical issues to Attachmate/Novell business discussions.

The October 2011 edition of the GroupWise Resource Archive is available from:

GroupWise Resource Archive

Collated by Advansys since November 1999 and created using Archive To Go, the GroupWise Resource Archive is a rich information resource derived from the GroupWise administrators’ NGW List.

If you have collated valuable information in your GroupWise email account, you can also create portable, searchable knowledge archives using Advansys Archive To Go. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

The Advansys Archive To Go Team

We’ve spoken to a few customers over the past year about Novell Support and the changes it’s going through.   The outsourcing of many of the support groups to India has impacted things a bit.   Also, more recently, Novell has stopped offering support to companies unless they purchase maintenance when they upgrade or purchase new products.    This, unfortunately, has left some customers who previously had support without support and not knowing where to find good domestic support options.

Well, we’re here to tell you that we’d love to offer you support contracts or support incidents or whatever you need to provide you with strong Novell Support.  We have supported customers all over the country and would love to provide you with the same kind of support.  Whether you need help with your NetWare server, your LINUX server, your Windows server, or your applications on those servers, we can help.   We have consultants and support reps who can help you with GroupWise on NetWare, LINUX, or Windows, as well as Zenworks, IDM, eDirectory, etc.   Let us help you with your Novell environment and get you working quickly.  Call us today for support and ask us about our proactive GroupWise Monitoring, too!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  And I’ve talked to a lot of people about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are 2 ways to go about doing email discovery and forensics work, particularly when it comes to litigation support type work. The first way is the way that I end up doing a lot of my work.  I get a call from a LitSupport company who has a bunch of data they were sent and it’s all GroupWise. I help them extract the data using my GroupWise expertise and the tools that I have.  We tend to extract everything to PST since that’s what most LitSupport companies want it in. This is the Post-extraction method.  It tends to cost a lot of money in Consulting and LitSupport dollars.  And it’s not very good for companies (well, other than companies like mine and Lit Support companies who make money doing the extraction work) who have multiple litigation requirements that they have to fulfill.

The other way to handle this is pre-emptively, or before it happens, the customer can setup (or we can help them set it up) an archiving solution such as GWAVA Reveal and/or Retain, Nexic Discovery, or Messaging Architects GWArchive. These products all support GroupWise natively and allow the customer to do searches and extract those searches to a readable and searchable format.  If a judge tells you to provide all the mail from 2006 that includes the words balogna, you can easily go to any of these tools and do a search on those keywords and then export them to a CD and deliver it. You don’t have to get a Consultant involved (although sometimes the objectivity of a consultant is required) or at least it shouldn’t take the consultant as long to take care of if you’re already got an archive that you can search and prepare for them. Cost-wise, each of these products are sold on a per-user basis, but by paying up front to get these types of solutions in place and ready to go, you can avoid the costly attorney & consulting fees that come around the other side of a litigation situation.

So, you might want to take a look at what your email retention requirements are (check with the regulatory board in your industry to find out what they are) and get ready ahead of time by using an Enterprise Archiving solution to get ahead of the curve. The other huge benefit of using tools like these is you can get a bunch of that old GroupWise email off of your production GroupWise environment, and on to an online archive that your users can refer to, but it wont’ be hogging up your GroupWise System.

Let us know if we can help you install and configure any of these types of solutions. We’ve installed them in lots of companies across the nation and could easily be scheduled to come help you.

Until that time, keep sending those emails, and let us know how we can help you get your GroupWise System in the best shape possible.

Matt Ray, Owner, Prinicipal Consultant, MC Consulting –

In a recent addition to their website, AVST, listed GroupWiseGuru as their recommended GroupWise Consultants. See this link for the addition:

More about AVST:

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a leading developer of communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Through its world-class unified communications platform, CallXpress®, and its innovative speech application module, Seneca®, AVST offers the industry’s most powerful suite of second generation communications solutions including voice messaging, unified messaging, speech-enabled applications (including automated attendant and hands-free mobile worker access), and call processing (including embedded IVR). More can be found about AVST by going to their website,

Remember that MC Consulting – is here for all of your GroupWise needs. Whether that includes health checks, upgrades, migrations, expert witness, litigation support, or forensics & discovery. We do GroupWise!

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