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Have you decided that GroupWise is right for your organization? We can get you started.

Our engineers have been installing and configuring GroupWise since it was WordPerfect Office, circa 1993.    We’ve installed hundreds of GroupWise Systems for hundreds of companies and we have the expertise and the know-how to quickly get your GroupWise System up and running.

Architect and Design

How complicated is your network environment?   Your GroupWise System needs to be implemented in accordance with your network.   If it’s a single server environment or if it crosses multiple states or countries, make sure that the architecture and design of your GroupWise System not only works well for your current design, but also takes in account your future growth and expansion.   Let us help you do that.


Our engineers are experts at implementation.   As discussed above, we have done it for hundreds of companies.   Learn from our experience and allow us to implement your GroupWise System in the way it’s meant to be.


Once it’s implemented, you need to make sure you have the implementation documented in case there are ever catastrophic failures, or perhaps in case your GroupWise Administrator takes employment elsewhere.   Having your system documented is an essential part of any scenario.

Netware, Windows, Linux

GroupWise runs well on NetWare, Windows, or LINUX, and our engineers have expertise with installing, configuring, and maintaining GroupWise on all 3 of these environments.   Whether you’re doing a new installation or migrating to one ofo these platforms, let our engineers take some of the learning out of the equation.     And we’ll train you as we work on your system so that your administrators will gain from our expertise.   Engage us today!