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Don’t neglect your GroupWise – keep it running smoothly with routine health checks!

A health check includes reviewing your GroupWise System to make sure that your GroupWise System is following recommended best practices concerning:

  • Design

  • Configuration

  • Agent and Server settings

  • Minimum and recommended maintenance

  • Naming conventions

  • Email policies

  • Anti-virus and SPAM control

  • And much more….

Design reviews

Sometimes issues arise in GroupWise because of poor or rushed design.   Let us review your GroupWise design to make sure it is following best practice guidelines provided by Novell.

Security and configuration assessment

Is your GroupWise System secure?   Are you open to SPAM, Viruses, or other Malware?   Are you open to other kinds of security threats?  What ports are open?  What services have been enabled?    There are inherent security issues, just with the GroupWise default settings, that you should be aware of.  Let us review your GroupWise System for these types of issues.


Sometimes things happen in GroupWise that you need help with.   Call us and we’ll help you troubleshoot the problems and quickly resolve them so you can be on and about your business of managing the rest of your network.


Is your GroupWise System documented?   Is there only 1 person in your organization who knows how GroupWise is designed and configured?   What if that person leaves your organization or something else occurs?    Will you be able to pick up where that person left off?   As part of our health check and design review process, we’ll document your current GroupWise System as well as our recommendations for improvement so that you have a permanent record for your current and future GroupWise Administrators.