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Trying to find lost data? We’ll help you find it.

Over the past 5-10 years there has been a durge of litigation and litigation support going on and a lot of it has to do with email.    Perhaps you’ve been required to submit all the email for certain users to an attorney or perhaps you’re an attorney and you need to get into a customer’s mailboxes to extract information.    If you are in either of those scenarios, we can help.

We have provided email extraction services for many organizations since 2004.    Whether it’s getting past passwords or working with a tape restore that you have to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle, we’ve been able to provide solutions.  If you need help to extract GroupWise Mailboxes to PSTs, call us!    If your GroupWise System is corrupted and you need help repairing it, call us!    We can help you with any GroupWise issues you have.   We are the GroupWise Gurus and we are here to serve your needs.   Call us today!

We’ve also worked with several organizations who “tried other consulting companies” to retrieve their data and were not successful. These organizations now come to us for all their GroupWise data recovery and forensic needs.

Let us help you save time and money by quickly retrieving the data that you need and converting it to which ever format you want. We’ve converted mailboxes, including archives, to PST, HTML, XML, and many other formats. We have the tools to provide you with data that can be used for whatever purposes you need.

For more information about GroupWise data recovery or forensics, fill out our online form or call us at 661.885.2699.