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Novell Support
October 13, 2008

We’ve spoken to a few customers over the past year about Novell Support and the changes it’s going through.   The outsourcing of many of the support groups to India has impacted things a bit.   Also, more recently, Novell has stopped offering support to companies unless they purchase maintenance when they upgrade or purchase new products.    This, unfortunately, has left some customers who previously had support without support and not knowing where to find good domestic support options.

Well, we’re here to tell you that we’d love to offer you support contracts or support incidents or whatever you need to provide you with strong Novell Support.  We have supported customers all over the country and would love to provide you with the same kind of support.  Whether you need help with your NetWare server, your LINUX server, your Windows server, or your applications on those servers, we can help.   We have consultants and support reps who can help you with GroupWise on NetWare, LINUX, or Windows, as well as Zenworks, IDM, eDirectory, etc.   Let us help you with your Novell environment and get you working quickly.  Call us today for support and ask us about our proactive GroupWise Monitoring, too!

Posted by Matt Ray @ 5:25 pm

GroupWise Gurus listed as a Recommended Consultants with AVST
October 13, 2007

In a recent addition to their website, AVST, listed GroupWiseGuru as their recommended GroupWise Consultants. See this link for the addition:

More about AVST:

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a leading developer of communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Through its world-class unified communications platform, CallXpress®, and its innovative speech application module, Seneca®, AVST offers the industry’s most powerful suite of second generation communications solutions including voice messaging, unified messaging, speech-enabled applications (including automated attendant and hands-free mobile worker access), and call processing (including embedded IVR). More can be found about AVST by going to their website,

Remember that MC Consulting – is here for all of your GroupWise needs. Whether that includes health checks, upgrades, migrations, expert witness, litigation support, or forensics & discovery. We do GroupWise!

Posted by Matt Ray @ 12:05 pm

GroupWise Litigation Support with version 4.X – Part Deux
September 25, 2007

Last week I wrote about us working on a 4.x system and having all the passwords set.   Luckily for us, someone had the old password and we were able to get into all the domains and create userlists to the customer could then pick out which custodians they needed us to extract from each dataset.   However, along the road, we also discovered that the Primary Domains could be reset using GroupWise 5.2.   This is partly what I had remembered from my 5.2 days.   The inital release of 5.2 had a bug in it where it would allow you to access the 4.x domain without putting in a password.   Shortly after this release, another release came out that did require you to put in the password, however, using this release of 5.2, we were able to get past the password issue we were facing.    For more information see the previous post.

Hope this is helpful to you.  As always, if you need help with your GroupWise Litigation Support project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Matt Ray,

Posted by Matt Ray @ 5:45 pm

GroupWise Litigation Support with version 4.X
September 10, 2007

We ran across a project this week where the customer had a bunch of old data from 1997, 1998, and 1999.   It was all GroupWise 4.X data.   Back in the good old 4.X days (yes, we were working on GroupWise back then (actually back to Office 3.x!)) you didn’t have edirectory providing security and authentication as it was WordPerfect security, not Novell security.   However, WordPerfect allowed your domains to be secure by having a password to protect them.    This was fine and dandy back then, but it poses a difficult issue when doing Litigation Support or eDiscovery on that version of GroupWise.   That’s why when you want to do GroupWise Litigation Support on 4.x, you really need to ask if they have the domain password.    If they have multiple domains, you’ll need to get them all if you want to access mail from all of them.  The only other way to get around this issue is to send the domain.db into Novell and have the password reset.   Unfortunately, this would be quite cost prohibitive, particularly when we were talking about 80+ domains!

If you run across any other interesting GroupWise Litigation Support issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   We’d love to help you with all of your GroupWise needs.


Posted by Matt Ray @ 6:41 pm

GroupWise Archiving… you can’t ignore it forever!
August 17, 2007

GroupWise Archiving

Sarbanes-Oxley got you down? HIPAA causing a pain in your side? Are you being required to maintain all of your documents, including your email, and you’re not sure how to go about it or don’t have time to do it? Or maybe you’re one of the ones who thinks that this isn’t going to apply to you. Trust us, eventually, you’ll need to provide something to the court system and instead of having easy access to it, you’ll be digging through old backup tapes, hoping you have the right tape drive and backup software to get everything restored correctly, and then you’ll be reverse engineering GroupWise just to get into it. We’ve done this with hundreds of companies and most of them end up turning it over to us to do because they don’t want to mess around with it.

Well, beat the rush by putting an Enterprise Level Archiving System in place and then you’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone. 1st off, you’ll be ready if you ever have to provide old emails for litigation purposes and 2ndly, by providing an enterprise level archiving solution, you can now enforce that cleannup policy you’ve been wanting to put in place for years, but nobody would let you.

Let us help you to put an Enterprise Archiving Solution in place today. Your users will love you. Your CEOs will love you. Your legal team will love you! And your GroupWise System will love you as you unclog its arteries from all of the email in the system since 1995! Contact us today to find out more!

Posted by Matt Ray @ 3:05 pm