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Email Retention & Archiving

Florida has the “Sunshine Law,” which is a law that says (loosely) that all govt employee email is considered to be public record. Many other government organizations are also required to do the same or initiatives such as this are coming up. But keeping all this mail online could bring any email system to its knees. The solutions involve storing the email in other locations and making sure it’s off your live system, but then you have to maintain the storage system as well. It’s a GroupWise Administrator’s nightmare!

We have solutions for your problems. We have partnered with several organizations to provide email retention and archiving solutions that will be right for you. Maybe you don’t have to save all your email for public record, but you just want to offload some of the GroupWise mail to somewhere where people can access it but not have to manage it any longer. We can help you with these and other solutions.

For more information about Email Retention and Archiving projects, email us here, or call us at 661.885.2699.