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We provide essential anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for your business.

Viruses & SPAM used to be infrequent events. But now, with email more prevalent and in most cases mission-critical, Viruses and SPAM are coming into businesses in hundreds if not thousands of emails every day. If you aren’t protected, you’re basically signing your salary away as it will most likely cost that much to just to clean up 1 good virus. Think about it. You don’t have to be too imaginative to figure out why such a statement is true. Betwen cleanup/reinstall time and lossed productivity, it adds up quickly. It will also cost that much to your company to make up for all the time wasted with mailboxes clogged with SPAM. Not to mention that most SPAM, when opened, can trigger many things to happen. From contacting a URL on the Internet, letting the SPAMMER know that the email address is valid, to installing a Spyware application or virus on your computer. It is said that if 1 out of 50,000 SPAM messages is opened, a SPAMmer is profitable. The best way to protect yourself is to stop the Viruses and SPAM from ever coming in your email system. Look at the hard numbers to determine whether you can afford not to.

Luckily, GroupWise isn’t prone to the many security issues that Outlook has, but that doesn’t mean that GroupWise can’t distribute viruses and SPAM to your user mailboxes. There are several solutions that have been designed for GroupWise and we are experts at installing these solutions. We are partners with GWAVA, Messaging Architects, and Concentrico, who provide solutions for anti-virus and anti-spam threats, among other things. Contact us about how you can start protecting your GroupWise System today. Don’t wait until it’s too late!