We’ve got the GroupWise solutions your business needs.

Through the years we have upgraded many organizations to newer versions of GroupWise. From organizations with hundreds and thousands of users to organizations with a few users. We perform all the pre-upgrade checks, including health checks and maintenance. We follow standard procedures to ensure that the upgrade has the least amount of impact as possible for your end users. The great thing about GroupWise is that for most versions, the entire backend can be upgraded leaving the front end, or the client untouched, thus not impacting your users until you’re ready to roll out the client to them. We have provided the following upgrades:

  • All older versions, including and up to GroupWise 8 running on NetWare (Versions 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8)
  • GroupWise 8 and later versions including up to GroupWise 2018
    • Versions of GroupWise running on Windows or LINUX

Support Pack upgrades can be performed as well. Ask about our Accelerated GroupWise upgrades, where we can upgrade your backend in hours!

For more information about upgrades, email us by clicking here, or call us at 661.885.2699.