We’ve spoken to a few customers over the past year about Novell Support and the changes it’s going through.   The outsourcing of many of the support groups to India has impacted things a bit.   Also, more recently, Novell has stopped offering support to companies unless they purchase maintenance when they upgrade or purchase new products.    This, unfortunately, has left some customers who previously had support without support and not knowing where to find good domestic support options.

Well, we’re here to tell you that we’d love to offer you support contracts or support incidents or whatever you need to provide you with strong Novell Support.  We have supported customers all over the country and would love to provide you with the same kind of support.  Whether you need help with your NetWare server, your LINUX server, your Windows server, or your applications on those servers, we can help.   We have consultants and support reps who can help you with GroupWise on NetWare, LINUX, or Windows, as well as Zenworks, IDM, eDirectory, etc.   Let us help you with your Novell environment and get you working quickly.  Call us today for support and ask us about our proactive GroupWise Monitoring, too!