GroupWise Archiving

Sarbanes-Oxley got you down? HIPAA causing a pain in your side? Are you being required to maintain all of your documents, including your email, and you’re not sure how to go about it or don’t have time to do it? Or maybe you’re one of the ones who thinks that this isn’t going to apply to you. Trust us, eventually, you’ll need to provide something to the court system and instead of having easy access to it, you’ll be digging through old backup tapes, hoping you have the right tape drive and backup software to get everything restored correctly, and then you’ll be reverse engineering GroupWise just to get into it. We’ve done this with hundreds of companies and most of them end up turning it over to us to do because they don’t want to mess around with it.

Well, beat the rush by putting an Enterprise Level Archiving System in place and then you’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone. 1st off, you’ll be ready if you ever have to provide old emails for litigation purposes and 2ndly, by providing an enterprise level archiving solution, you can now enforce that cleannup policy you’ve been wanting to put in place for years, but nobody would let you.

Let us help you to put an Enterprise Archiving Solution in place today. Your users will love you. Your CEOs will love you. Your legal team will love you! And your GroupWise System will love you as you unclog its arteries from all of the email in the system since 1995! Contact us today to find out more!

Have you been given a GroupWise project to grab all the files from backup and extract mailboxes? Has it been difficult? Let us help you by providing GroupWise expertise in this area. We’ve been doing GroupWise Litigation Support for several years now, providing law firms & litigation support companies with GroupWise expertise on their toughest GroupWise Litigation Support Projects.   We’ve worked with so many companies to provide this support that we went ahead and documented what you need to get started. This doc tells you what files and directories are required to get things going right.

GroupWise Data Recovery 101

Have you been putting off migrating your GroupWise System to LINUX until you can take the time to “learn LINUX?”   Why wait?   We can come help you migrate and provide you training while we do it.    Still not comfortable?   We’ll provide a post-migration support contract to help you work through the transition.   Call us today and we’ll be glad to work with you on your GroupWise LINUX Migration!

MC Consulting – is now offering a GroupWise Administrator Backup where we back your GroupWise Administrator up when he or she goes on vacation or goes to training.   We’ll get to know your environment, work with your Administrator, document your system, so that when they leave for a week or two, you aren’t left in the dark!   We’ll know your GroupWise System well enough that we can resolve issues or work on projects, whatever you need.  We can also do yearly health checks and status reports if you’d like.   It’s totally customizable and will work how you need it to work.    Contact us today to get more information!