GroupWise is what we do!

We’ve been working with GroupWise for longer than the Internet has been known as the World Wide Web! Office 31 was our first exposure and we remember well, re-genning our systems and creating those WordPerfect Office Shell Macros. Those were the days. Back when WordPerfect had a gateway for every other email system under the sun. OVVM, API, VMS, X.400, Async (ah, we loved the Async Gateway!). For those of you who were around then, you’re nodding your heads. We believe that GroupWise is the strongest email package in the market. Those who don’t feel the same are probably not using GroupWise to its potential. We’d love to show you how. If your system needs the care and blessing of a Guru, give us a call or email us and we can discuss your system.

Our home office is in California, but we have associates and engagements all over North America and the Carribean. Our company is managed by Matt Ray, a former Novell Consultant, PSE, and GroupWise author, and has supported hundreds of companies with GroupWise all over the world. We hope that you find our services match our name.